Call Out to Musical Acts for Veltway Music Collective Showcase Series
The Veltway Music Collective Showcase Series will be held at various music venues on the Veltway throughout the year. The Veltway is the rapidly evolving music epicenter on Roosevelt Rd that includes Wire, Friendly Tap, and the legendary Fitzgerald's Night Club. All musicians and bands welcome to apply! We welcome all genres of musical styles! To be eligible for this series we require you to play at least 3 original songs, be 21+, local to Oak Park/Berwyn (within 30 miles) and be willing to promote your portion of show. This is a fundraiser for the Veltway Music Collective and for you to promote your music to our ever-growing arts community. This is not a traditional battle of bands, but an expose of new groups and local established groups as well. Bands will be evaluated based on the level of support they are able to develop before and during the showcase. Your band will be given 50% of the cash you raise during your set. If your supporters pre-purchase online, we will add an additional $2 dollars for every $10. Should you raise the most funds, you will be considered for professional recording time at one of the various local recording studios, opening spots at larger concert performances at one of the venues along the Veltway, and Veltway Special Events. Additionally, participating bands online info will be hosted on our web portals and your performances will be video taped and showcased on the Veltway Music Collective Showcase galleries, with band information, and donation buttons to allow your fans to offer further support of your music endeavors. 

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Veltway Music Collective Show Case Series